Information about insects in South Texas

information on antsAnts - There are a few species of ants that are a common problem in lawns, homes, and other structures. Of these: some can damage your home, others may destroy food or other stored items, or sting and be a health risk.

information on beesBees - With honeybee controls there are two options, remove the living colony, or kill the bees in place. If you chose to remove the living colony you will need the help of a beekeeper. This process is difficult and may take several weeks.

Fleas - The first step in any successful flea control program is sanitation. The home should be thoroughly vacuumed, all floors and furniture cleaned, and all pet bedding should be discarded or washed in hot soapy water. The next step is to treat the animal.

Roaches - The worst is probably the German Cockroach, the most common household pest in the United States. They are usually found infesting the kitchen and bathroom, but can live anywhere in a heated structure.

Termites - Termite infestation can spread for months before detection. By then, it may be too late to avoid costly repairs and remodeling. Your largest investment deserves a professional termite inspection, not just luck. Schedule a termite inspection, and we'll put your mind at ease.


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