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Information about ants in South Texas

ant close up to cameraThere are many species of ants that live here in the Canyon Lake and Comal County area. Many of these almost never come indoors and are rarely a problem in the yard. For most of these types of ants control is not really necessary and rarely recommended. When they do become a problem a simple call to your favorite Pest Management Professional or use of an off-the-shelf ant treatment will solve the problem. If you use any insecticide yourself be sure to read and understand all label instructions before use.

There are also a few species of ants that are a common problem in lawns, homes, and other structures. Of these: some can damage your home, others may destroy food or other stored items, or sting and be a health risk. Many of these types of ants have adapted well to living in and around structures, and can be difficult to control. A Pest Management Professional will be able to identify the ant or ants involved, and with knowledge of the biology of the ant, recommend an effective treatment. Treatments may vary due to species of ants, location of infestation, type of structure, availability of food and water, and other considerations. Changes in sanitation practices, or structural changes may be necessary.

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