Information about arachnids in South Texas

Scorpions - Scorpions are nocturnal predators. For the most part they hide by day, under rocks, logs, lumber or any other dark, cool, moist areas. At night they become active hunters, spending most of the time in search of food.

Spiders - Most will not bite unless handled. There are two that do have nasty bites; The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow spiders. The Brown Recluse lives in hidden, secluded locations such as among old papers, in seldom-used shoes, cloths or in attics. Outdoors you will find them under rocks, woodpiles, and in barns and sheds. These spiders have a painful bite that may develop into an ugly, slow healing ulcer. Black Widow spiders live outdoors in dry protected areas. They are found in woodpiles, barns, and sheds, under benches.

Ticks - What's disconcerting isn't the discovery of that first flea or tick, but the creepy crawly feeling that if you've found one, many more are lurking nearby to take its place.


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